Last Resort

Sweet F*cking Jesus! What a TERRIFIC show!! I hope it survives – today’s viewing audience is so fickle and tasteless…

Last Resort is about the crew of the USS Colorado, *the* most powerful military machine ever constructed. It has 4 Mark-48 torpedo tubes, 28 Tomahawks, and 18 Trident nuclear ballistic missiles.
When the Colorado receives an order to fire 4 Trident missiles at Pakistan through a secondary communications channel (which presupposes that Washington DC has been wiped out), Captain Marcus Chaplin (played by Andre Braugher) balks at the command. He questions the order and tries to confirm the command through the normal channel with Washington (Chaplin can find no television news story about Washington being wiped out).
When Washington insists that Chaplin carries out the fire order without any further explanation, Chaplin refuses. Washington relieves him of his command and makes his XO Sam Kendal (played by Scott Speedman) the new captain. However, Kendal also questions the fire order. Thereafter, Washington orders an attack sub to fire a cruise missile at the Colorado.
The Colorado just barely survives the attack and proceeds to take over a NATO early warning station on the island of St. Marina. When the Colorado discovers a pair of B-1 bombers headed toward them, Chaplin fires a Trident missile at Washington. Washington thinks Chaplin is bluffing.
At any rate, Washington proceeds to launch a first strike at Pakistan, killing millions of people. (WTF. How can this be justified???)
At the end of the show, Chaplin announces to the world that he’s declaring a 200-mile No Man’s Land around St. Marina. The Colorado has 17 more Trident missiles. If the U.S. administration, or any other government, attempts to attack them, he will unleash fiery hell.
This is a damn f*cking great show!!! If you missed, shame on you…
Robert Patrick plays the Chief of the Boat on board the Colorado. Bruce Davison plays Admiral Shepard, whose daughter is third in command on the Colorado.
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